Spix’s Macaw hatching

Spix’s Macaw hatching
(Cyanopsitta spixii)
May 2005)

In the first week of May 2005 another two Spix’s Macaw chicks hatched, and are now being hand–reared by the staff at Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation. These two new baby macaws represent an amazing almost 4 % increase in the known world population of their species.

Since year 2000 the Spix’s Macaw has been considered to be extinct in the wild. All hope to save the bird species from total annihilation, rest with a very small population kept in captivity.

Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al-Thani and the Al Wabra Wildlife  Preservation have been dedicated to this species for some years, and have been facing many hurdles in the effort to save the species. These two chicks which are number three and four to hatch under the AWWP management represent super mario world new hope and motivation.

Simon Bruslund Jensen, Curator of Birds

العاب اكشن
Chick on the first day

برنامج تحميل الفيديو من الانستقرام
First chick on day 9 just before the eyes start to open.

dog names
Both chicks on day 12 &16

Stay tuned for updates and new pictures to be downloaded:

Chick no. 5158 “May”

• May 1st: Finally hatches in the afternoon after attempting to hatch for 48 hours in the incubator, slightly assisted.

• May 9th: Start showing preening behaviour 9 days old

• May 10th: Eyes start “slitting” and the first feather tracts now visible under the skin.

• May 12th: Pigmentation on feet becomes darker and white stripe on bill starts to develop.

• May 15th: First pin-feathers break the skin on the back.

• May 19th: Keeping eyes open for several minutes at the time.

Chick no. 5170 “Ferdie”

• May 5th: Hatches without any problems in the incubator in the early morning.

• May 10th: Pigmentation starts to develop on the bill.

• May 11th: Preening behaviour observed, 7 days old.

• May 12th: Eyes start slitting slightly.

• May 14th: First feather tracts visible under skin.

• May 16th: Feet start to change color from pink to grey.

• May 19th: First pin-feathers start to break the skin.

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