Egyptian Tortoise

Egyptian Tortoise / Testudo kleinmanni
 Egyptian_Tortoise_Hatching_02 Egyptian_Tortoises_01
The Egyptian Tortoise Testudo kleinmanni is a small tortoise inhabiting the fairly arid deserts fringing the south eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout its range the Egyptian Tortoise has been subjected to severe pressures, which has lead to its extinction in Egypt. There are just 2 two distinct regions in Libya where this species can still be found. In addition to agricultural (including overgrazing), developmental and industrial pressures, T. kleinmanni was very heavily affected by the (eventually illegal) national and international pet trade that began using the Libyan stock after Egyptian subpopulations were harvested to extinction. The global population of T. kleinmanni could realistically face extinction in less than 20 years or around one generation if degradation of landscape and trade cannot be stopped. AWWP regularly breeds this as CRITICALLY ENDANGERED species regularly for many years. AWWP also participate in the international breeding program.
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