Nubian Ibex

Nubian Ibex / Capra ibex nubiana
Nubian_Ibex_Group_01  Nubian_Ibex_Lamb_01
The ENDANGERD Nubian ibex is relatively small compared to other ibexes, but it’s the most colourful of all ibexes. They are a light tan colour, with a white underbelly. In males there is also a dark brown stripe down the back. During the October rut, the neck, chest, shoulders, upper legs, and sides of bucks become dark brown to almost black. The semicircular horns curve upward, backwards, and finally down. They are found in both sexes, but are much larger in males (up to 120 cm with 24-36 knobs on the outer curve) than in females (up to 35 cm). The Nubian ibex lives in rocky, Desert Mountains with steep slopes in northeastern Africa and parts of Arabia. There is a European breeding program for this species, where AWWP participates in.


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