Chinkara Gazelle

Chinkara Gazelle / Gazella bennettii
Male_Chinkara_01  Chinkara_Group_01
The range of the Indian gazelle or chinkara covers much of western and central India, extending through Pakistan, south-western Afghanistan into north-central Iran. It is a very adaptable animal. They can be found in the salt range in Pakistan Punjab and up to levels of about 1200 m. It exists in extensive sand dune areas, down to the sea level as well as in rocky plateaus and hilly regions of up to 1500 m elevation. Chinkara live in small herds of 10 to 20 individuals. They are either found as a group of comprising of a single buck, one or more does and the fawns, or as solitary bucks, and a group of all male individuals. The IUCN classifies the chinkara gazelle as LEAST CONCERN.
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