Beisa Oryx

Beisa Oryx / Oryx beisa
 Adult_Male_Beisa_Oryx_01  Beisa_Oryx_Calfs_01

Beisa Oryx or East African Oryx live in semi-desert and steppes of Eastern Africa. They gather in herds of five to forty animals often with females moving at the front and large male guarding from the rear. The beisa oryx has a number of physiological adaptations which allow it to conserve water. Under conditions of extreme heat and low water, the oryx can raise its body temperature to 46.5o C.  Up to this temperature, there is a normal flow of heat from the body to the environment without a loss of water.  Only after this point does it start to perspire. The beisa is classified as LOWER RISK (conservation dependant). AWWP breeds this species regularly for many years.

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