Arabian Goitered Gazelle (Rheem)

Arabian Goitered Gazelle / Gazella subgutturosa marica
Adult_Male_Rheem_Gazelle_01  Rheem_Fawn_01_HR
The Arabian goitered gazelle or “Rheem” is the only native gazelle species to Qatar. It inhabits sand deserts, limestone plateaus and gravel plains within the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan and  Iraq. The “Rheem” is very light coloured gazelle; the head of adults is almost entirely white. Both sexes bear horns. The horns of the males are strongly ringed and curved backwards. During rut the larynx of the males bulges outwards, resembling a goiter. Also during rut the bucks show a distinctive swelling of their pre-orbital glands. In most parts of its range they undergo seasonal movements. The IUCN classifies the Arabian goitered gazelle as VULNERABLE.
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