27. Intro AWWP Lears Macaw 2004

Introduction to the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

“Lear’s Macaw Husbandry”



Presentation prepared for the 2nd Annual meeting of the Committee for the Conservation and Management of the Lear’s Macaw.

By Simon Bruslund Jensen and Dr. Sven Hammer

The Al Wabra Farm and its owner Sheikh Saoud is presented with short introduction to the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) and its development until today. The AWWP have recently ventured into In-Situ conservation and past and current projects are presented

The AWWP Bird Department is one of total 5 departments under the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation. The staff and the emphasized species are introduced.

Mr. Markus Deiner works in the Bird Department as coordinating-keeper for the Blue Macaws and overview the daily husbandry and record-keeping. He and the three species of Blue Macaws are introduced.

The introduction to the AWWP husbandry of Lear’s Macaw includes:

1.     Identification and Record keeping, the AWWP Stocklist program and IR systems are presented.

2.     Facilities, the past and present facility experiences are discussed incl. exterior and interior designs as well as good and bad experiences.

3.     Feeding, the methods and daily diets are introduced.

4.     Health, a short note on the Health control which is managed by the AWWP Vet. Department.

5.     Bird Nursery, Lear’s Macaws have still not been breed by the AWWP but the methods and facilities used for artificial rearing of other species are presented.

6.     Special considerations are the Qatar climate that does not seem to influence the birds directly, and the future cooperation with the Committee that Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation would like to intensify in the future.

Thank You.

Simon Bruslund Jensen, Curator of Birds, 25.11.04

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