5. Somali Wild Ass first Breeding

First success in breeding Somali Wild Asses
(Equus africanus somalicus) at Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

AWWP is proud to announce the birth of its first Somalian Wild Ass foal. The female foal was born on 20.08.2004 to the experienced mare “Mona”. The father is the 18-year-old stallion “Somalo”. The foal is named “Yedur Ahiya”, the Amheric (native Ethiopian) name for Wild Ass.

Wild Ass stallions are known being sometimes very rough towards mares and their offspring, therefore “Somalo” has been removed from the group until “Ahiya” is strong enough to escape him.

Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation received their Somali Wildass group, 2 stallions and 4 mares, in April 2003. Five of them are from Usti (Czech Republic), one from Tierpark Berlin (Germany).

The group consists of the two mature mares “Astra” (14 years) and “Mona” (9 years) and their offspring: “Edmond” (4 years, male), “Mia” (3 years), and “Geralda” (2 years). Stallion “Somalo” (18 years) is fortunately not related to any of the females, so this combination is a good basis for further breeding.

To keep the animals in a suitable surrounding, 4 separate enclosures (2 x 12000 m² and 2 x 6000 m²) and a stable, with 10 boxes (4m x 4m each) plus storeroom were build in the gravel and stony desert of Qatar prior their arrival. Due to artificial irrigation some tree islands could be planted. Several shade roofs in the enclosures spend protection from the sun and particularly for the period of settling, the stables were equipped with AC’s.

The Somali Wild Ass is classified as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List (2002) and listed on Appendix 1 of Cites.

Wild populations have declined for a number of reasons: Competitions with livestock for limited grazing ground, hunting for food and traditional medicine as well hybridization with feral Asses are the main threats to this species. Nowadays there are not more than a few hundred individuals left in the wild.

An international breeding program coordinates the captive breeding of the current stock of about 130 captive Somali Wild Asses.


PR.5.wildassgroup PR.5.newborn
New born Somali Wild Ass with mare Somali Wild Ass Group at AWWP, 2004
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