7. Tortoise Enclosure 2005

Inauguration of a new tortoise enclosure

In May 2005 a new enclosure for the growing number of juvenile Leopard tortoises (Geochleone pardalis babcocki) has been opened. Since 2000, 17 of this distinctive reptile species have been hatched. The Leopard tortoise belongs to the group of ”Giant tortoises”. The carapace of an adult animal can reach the length of 68 cm with a weight going up to 30kg. The incubation period of this species is with 120-200 days quite long. AWWP incubates eggs in both ways: naturally as well as artificially. The newborns show a weight of only 20g with a carapace length of 3-5 cm. The naturally incubated hatchlings are being collected and moved to the Nursery unit as soon as they are found in the huge parent enclosure. There they grow up under close monitoring. The collection of scientific data like weight and growth records and veterinary monitoring with particular attention to parasite infections is standard.

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