12. More Breeding Success Spix Macaw 2006

Spix’s Macaw
Cyanopsitta spixii


The Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation is pleased to announce that we have successfully bred and hand-reared another Spix’s macaw. “Pixie” hatched on the 23rd, October 2005 and was the third Spix’s macaw bred at Al Wabra in that year. Pixie has been confirmed as a female via DNA analysis and is the first offspring for her parents which attempted breeding for the first time this past year. The pair produced seven eggs from two clutches (clutch one – four eggs, clutch two – three eggs) but unfortunately only one egg (egg number two from the second clutch) proved to be fertile. Hopefully fertility will improve now that the pair has some breeding experience behind them.
Spix Aged 52days
By: Ryan Watson

Spix Aged 77 Days-2
By: Simon Jensen

Spix Aged 77 Days-3
By: Simon Jensen

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