13. Sandcat Development Notes 2005

Notes on Arabian Sand Cat (Felis margarita harrisoni) development:

On the 21.03.2005 a litter of 2.1 was born to one of our founder Sand-Cat-females. She is perfectly taken care of her offspring. The kittens have been checked at an age of 14 days for the first time. At that time their weight was recorded and they received the first treatments. This procedure has been repeated every second week ever since.
With the latest litter the number of Arabian Sand Cats born at AWWP between 2000 and 2005 has reached 30!
On the 01.06.2005- 2,2 Arabian Sand Cats left to Ebeltoft Zoo / Denmark as breeding loan to improve the genetics within the European Breeding Program.
In 2004 already 4.4 cats were shipped to USA as well to support the genetics of this species there.
The AWWP Arabian Sand Cats are quite important from the genetically side as the founders are from the wild and not represented in the international breeding programs before 2004.

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