14. Beira Hand Rearing 2005

 Hand -rearing of a Beira Antelope (Dorcatragus megalotis)

 On 27.10.2004 a Beira-buck was born to one of our founder females. Knowing that this female needed always some days until she properly bonds with her offspring the two of them were separated from the group. On the third day the mother felt sick and needed intensive care in the hospital unit. Unfortunately she died 3 days later due to a mastitis and kidney failure.

Meanwhile the young male received intensive care in the Mammal Nursery unit. Fortunately he accepted the bottle quickly. With a special milk formula consisting of lamb-replacer, water and goats-milk supplemented by vitamins and minerals and an intensive newborn treatment, “Nagada” developed very well. On day 19 his weight had already doubled. The milk formula varied during the hand-rearing period according the changing demands of juvenile antelopes during the rearing period. He was weaned after 103 days with a weight of 6000g.

Today he shares an enclosure with 2 more immature Beira-bucks. Socializing did not cause any problems at all and his behavior does not differ from parent reared animals. To our knowledge is the hand-rearing of “Nagada” is first ever reported in this species.



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