27. Art of BAS

AWWP announces the sale of unique wildlife art for conservation

The Art of BAS and the Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP), Qatar, are proud to announce the launch of the Art and Wildlife Conservation Project in Qatar. The project reflects a unique collaboration between AWWP, a private research and breeding centre for endangered species, and The Art of BAS, a collection of paintings by world renowned wildlife and nature artist BAS.

Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (http://awwp.alwabra.com), owned by Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohammad Bin Ali Al-Thani, has achieved pioneering success in the captive propagation and research in a number of highly endangered and sensitive species like the Spix’s Macaw, the Lear’s Macaw, the Somali Wildass and Birds of Paradise. With high standards of husbandry and scientific research, AWWP has gained international recognition for its efforts in conservation and is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). In addition to the captive breeding efforts in Qatar, AWWP has also initiated a number of in-situ conservation projects in other countries for protecting species in their natural habitat.

BAS is one of the most highly acclaimed wildlife and nature artists. With an innate ability to distill the beauty and essence of animals in the wild on canvas, The Art of BAS (www.BAS-ART.com ) has gained recognition from art critics and collectors alike. The Artists for Conservation Foundation Worldwide recently honoured BAS for “artistic excellence and extraordinary support of conservation” through wildlife art.

Under the auspices of the Art and Wildlife Conservation Project, two unique collectable Fine Art Canvas Limited Edition reproductions, called “Emblem of Qatar” (Arabian Oryx, Oil Painting) and “Rheem Gazelle of Zikrit” (Rheem Gazelle, Oil Painting), are now available through the website of The Art of BAS www.BAS-ART.com . Funds raised will be directed towards the conservation activities carried out by AWWP in Qatar as well as the in-situ conservation projects funded by AWWP around the world.

Dr. Sven Hammer, BAS, Dr. Amrita Deb, Ms. Catrin Hammer (left to right) holding Limited Edition
reproductions of “Rheem Gazelle of Zikrit” and “Emblem of Qatar”

1 . View Painting – Emblem of Qatar

2. View Painting – Rheem Gazelle of Zikrit

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