33. Happy Ending for “Lorraine”, the Pygmy Slow Loris

Successful re-homing of an abandoned Pygmy Slow Loris to Bristol Zoo, UK


Loris _Lorraine_Prior_Shipment_01  Pygmy_Slow_Loris_nycticebus pygmaeus_at_AWWP_01

In 2007, AWWP was approached by a local animal welfare society to take custody of an abandoned Pygmy Slow Loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus). Since this species is considered threatened in the wild (IUCN 2010), AWWP took over the animal following its philosophy to contribute to the conservation of threatened species.

The Loris was moved to the quarantine unit of AWWP. Upon arrival, it was in a rather fair state due to malnutrition. A species specific diet was implemented and “Larry” quickly improved. The first general examination revealed a surprise, “Larry” turned out to be a female and was renamed “Lorraine”.

The European Endangered Breeding Program (EEP) coordinator for this species was contacted and soon an interested institution was found. After all the necessary vaccinations were done, papers were issued and the flight was booked. “Lorraine” departed to her new home at Bristol Zoo, UK on 07.07.2010. She will be introduced to a male Pygmy Slow Loris and hopefully contribute to the breeding program with offspring soon.

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