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weblink University of Zurich
The University of Zurich is an institution devoted to free and public scholarly pursuit and scientific inquiry. The University of Zurich is aware of its responsibility in maintaining and offering a range of academic disciplines.
weblink Weil Cornell Medical College, Qatar (Genomics core Lab)
Weil Cornell Medical College has a state of the art genomics core lab and the team under Assistant Professor and Director of the lab Dr Joel Malek, are working on compiling the genome sequence of the rarest parrot in the world the Spix’s macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii).

Parrot Reproduction Consulting, Germany (Heiner Müller & Daniel Newman)
Parrot Reproduction Consulting a German based company owned by Daniel Neumann and Heiner Müller, are working directly with AWWP to ensure the best assisted reproductive techniques are employed on the Spix’s macaws to ensure the best possible reproductive results for this highly endangered species.



Associations & Partners  
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